UPS & FedEx

  1. Mailroom staff sends the top copy of the form to WSU-V Finance for billing (Please make your own copy before you put the item in the OUT box if you keep a shipping history file - Mailroom staff does not make a copy to send to you)
  2. Do not use a FedEx US  Airbill for a foreign address, you must use a FedEx Foreign Airbill for a foreign address (use a rubber band to hold the form to your item, the Mailroom has special pouches to use for FedEx Foreign)
  3. Do not use a US Mail Customs form for FedEx, the FedEx Foreign Airbill has a place for you to enter customs information
  4. FedEx and UPS forms have several pages, so use a ball point pen and press FIRMLY
  5. Please make a note of the tracking number, so you may track your item's delivery at Tracking Information
  6. Please put your NAME on the FedEx (or UPS) form in case of questions, do NOTE that the UPS forms you have are for Overnight only, read below for all other delivery speeds
  7. Remember that UPS (and FedEx) are bared by law from delivering to a Post Office Box
  8. Each Department has a supply of UPS (and FedEx) Overnight forms, which have a stick-on back to be placed on an envelope or package of your choice (remember to put your expense account in the Reference Number block) Use one of these UPS forms ONLY if you wish to ship overnight, for all other delivery speeds keep reading
  9. If you do not use a UPS Overnight "sticky" form, be sure to put either your own address label on the item, or at least on a note attached to the item, for entry into the UPS shipping program
  10. For all NON-overnight speed selections (2-day, 3-day, Ground) attach a note to your outgoing item, which specifies UPS and the speed class you wish, and a special UPS program will be used, in the Mailroom, to send your item
  11. Once the entry in the UPS software is completed, a barcode label will be attached to the item and it will be placed out for the daily UPS driver to drive by (at about 4:00) and take away any waiting items
  12. Specify the value of the item if you wish insurance to be added to the shipping fee
  13. Be sure to include your expense account on the note!
  14. When using FedEx to ship to another country, start at FedEx Foreign Shipping Documents as PDF to print the individual pages for the forms you need (one signed originial and 3 copies) then go to the FedEx site at and click the line Documents for international shipments to obtain instructions
  15. To ensure delivery of your item, be it domestic or Foreign (especially Foreign!) be sure to include the Recipient's telephone number, for FedEx or UPS to call in case of delivery problems (If you do not have a telephone number, include an email address)

Damage Claims

  • The sender of the item (the one who paid FedEx or UPS for delivery) is the one who files a claim, so you need to contact the sender to initiate a claim
  • Hint-1 Take picures if at all possible
  • Hint-2 Keep the box so you may prove the damage (you will need to return the box to the Loading Dock... this just means you should not unpack the box and throw it away if you think you are going to file a damage claim)
  • NOTE: The driver who comes to the loading dock to take away your damaged item does not do an inspection. If you need to have the item inspected before the driver takes the item away, you will need to contact the sender to arrange for an insurance adjuster
  • The default limit to damages is $100, so if the item you are sending is over $100, you need to specify that value on your FedEx form, or on your item so your value may be entered on the UPS shipping document (do be aware that there is a fee for insurance over $100, with the exact fee being determined by your declared value)

Paying for Items to be Shipped to WSU Vancouver

  • You may have a vendor (or private person) ship items using the WSU Vancouver FedEx or UPS account by providing the appropriate account number (look at the FedEx or UPS overnight forms you have) PLUS your 8-digit expense account number
  • The sendor writes the WSU-V FedEx or UPS account number in the part of the form which says that someone other than the sendor is paying
  • The sendor writes your 8-digit expense number in the part of the form which is for the reference number, so WSU-V Finance may pay the bill when it arrives

FedEx or UPS Shipping via Vendor or 3rd Party Billing

  • You may ship items using someone else's FedEx or UPS account, such as a Vendor return or a "Person A is paying to ship to some location" situation
  • You do not need to cross off the WSU account on the FedEx or UPS form
  • Write the 9-digit FedEx account in the appropriate line on the FedEx form and check the appropriate payment box, or the 6-digit UPS account on the UPS form (if overnight) or on the box you send to the Mailroom, along with the notation of the speed to be used (UPS Ground, 2-day or 3-day)
  • For UPS, this procedure only works with US based UPS accounts... Foreign UPS accounts are not permitted to use this process, so be sure the account you write on the box is for a US based company or person
  • If you provide UPS information which turns out to be invalid (unfortunately, the UPS shipping software does not check to be sure the information is valid, that is only done afterward by the UPS Billing Department) your WSU expense account will be charged for the shipping
  • If you need to ship using a Foreign UPS account, follow these 2 steps
  • 1 - Weigh the item and send that weight to the account holder
  • 2 - Have that person send you a pre-printed shipping label